Public Library of Burgos

The Public Library of Burgos, whose origin goes back to 1871, is a Library belonging to the State recently reformed according to the draft designed by the architects Andrés Celis and Jael Ortega, including repositories with EDISC compact cabinets.

The building is conceived as a monolithic and apparently homogeneous volume, with a continuous façade with silk-screened glass. This façade is but an external sheet of a double cover that covers opaque, transparent and translucent areas, including also the gothic façade, which is it therefore integrated within the building design.

If we go through the main Gothic façade, we find a triple height hall illuminated from above, that allows the user to quickly understand the building complex.

From the interior, we find two courtyards around which are located two cores structuring the vertical movement of people and services. The rest is a completely diaphanous appearance with transversal openness and visual effects produced by the courtyards.