We currently have a production facility of 2,500 metres, expandable to 5,000 meters, located in the town of Melide, La Coruña, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 linear meters.

Our sales network and post-sales service, consisting of four branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and La Coruna, are able to meet current market needs, ensuring coverage at any point in the national territory within a period not exceeding 24 hours. A sales person travels to the possible site to view the characteristics of the premises in which the installation will be located and will define, together with the client, all of their needs and specific characteristics.

Our technical department will compile a project to optimize the available space, from the information they have gathered. The solutions offered are customized and adapted to the specific site dimensions and to the items that will be stored. The goal is to maximize the use of space in each case. Over the years, our technical department has also carried out internal research projects, development and innovation (R+D+I), adding new products and accessories to our commercial portfolio.

We currently have six fully developed product brands, the family of compacts OFI-KIT, the E-DISC manual sliding enclosure closets, the E-LOGIC automatic sliding enclosure closets and the GRENBLOCK specially developed for equipment storage at golf courses. Completing the range, we have BLOCKART for museums and galleries and STANDBOOK shelving for libraries.

We recently added a new feature to ELOGIC. It is a system that takes advantage of very high spaces. ELOGIC/Plus allows the creation of one or two mezzanines and can reach a height of eight meters tall.