Compact archive system

We put your archive system in movement

Knowledge has always been key in achieving success. Having the right information at the right time, can be decisive. Space, order, accessibility and preservation are fundamental elements in the management of any archive.

E-DISC will help you maintain a more efficient management of your archive system, making organization easier, improving accessibility, providing solutions to optimize the degree of conservation of the items within and allowing better use of available space.

More efficient management

The EDISC compact enclosures slide on rails and a single aisle is enough to access any point in the archive. Custom built to fit the items within and adapted to your available space, allowing you to achieve the maximum capacity in all circumstances. To move the archive enclosures just apply pressure to the ball located on the movement disk. The incorporated effort-reduction system allows for several enclosure cabinets to be moved at the same time.

The metal construction offers a high degree of protection against possible fire scenarios. The EDISC incorporates a general lockdown that allows you to block the entire system, preventing opening.

We expand your existing space

With EDISC enclosure cabinets you can double the capacity of your archive. Conventional fixed shelves need an access aisle for each module. With EDISC, a single aisle is enough to access any point in the file.

In many cases, the economic value of the recovered space more than pays for the investment. The system allows for extensions and the modular construction facilitates the reuse of all the material when undergoing location changes.

Aesthetics, functionality and robustness

The EDISC compact enclosures incorporate multiple accessories to adapt to the different needs of each archive. We offer our customers the opportunity to customize their installation by choosing their preferred colour according to the RAL range and other finishes. Aesthetics, functionality and robustness are requirements that have been present in the continuing evolution of our archive systems during our twenty years of experience.