Intelligent file

The latest technology applied to your archive. ELOGIC eliminates efforts and includes elements to ensure complete safety when handling the enclosure cabinets.
ELOGIC will help you manage your archive more efficiently, making organization easier, improving accessibility, providing solutions to improve the degree of conservation of archived items and allowing better use of available space.

Intelligent and safe

The compact enclosures ELOGIC move automatically. Each enclosure cabinet has a touch panel that allows you to activate the system and manage all the different functions, which is made possible by the cutting-edge electronic equipment. A light touch is enough to transmit your desired order. Features such as permitting or denying access to specific areas of the archive, programming automatic opening and closing schedules, modifying the speed of the enclosure, etc. are just some of the many possibilities that ELOGIC offers you.

ELOGIC only needs a conventional power outlet of 220V to be installed. Its low power consumption allows the system to be incorporated to uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).
The ELOGIC operating parameters can be modified from a program that works with Windows. Communication with PC can be done via network connection or Wi-fi.

Allows you to reach higher

The use of ELOGIC allows for maximum capacity in high spaces. ELOGIC can incorporate a mezzanine level in enclosure cabinets with height greater than three meters. In this case, the enclosure cabinet has a touch panel in each of its levels.ELOGIC also considers the incorporation and automatic management of lighting equipment in the enclosure cabinets.

Your archive on wheels

ELOGIC enclosure cabinets slide on high resistance calibrated steel rails. They can be placed directly on the ground or embedded.
The “Platform” option does not require any type of installation work. The rails are levelled directly over the existing floor space; free areas are covered with other materials (pallets of different types) to prevent tripping. A built-in perimeter ramp is incorporated for easy access with transport carts.
The “Embedded” option can be performed directly on site (slab) with subsequent screed or through clearings in existing pavement.

We maximize your existing space

Incorporating ELOGIC enclosure cabinets means you can double the capacity of your archive. Conventional fixed shelves need an access aisle for each module. With ELOGIC, a single aisle is enough to access any point in the file. The system allows for extensions and the modular construction facilitates the reuse of all the material when undergoing location changes.

Aesthetics, functionality and robustness

The ELOGIC compact enclosures incorporate multiple accessories to adapt to the different needs of each archive
We offer our customers the opportunity to customize their installation by choosing the colour according to RAL range and other finishes. Aesthetics, functionality and robustness are requirements that have been present in the continuing evolution of our archive systems during our twenty years of experience.