Compact archives for offices

Mini-compact designed for better use of reduced spaces.

Providing a number of accessories to allow storage of different types of items such as hanging file folders, file boxes, telescopic frames for audiovisual supports, etc.

The archive slides manually by applying slight pressure on the handle at the front. The rolling base is composed of two aluminium sections with access ramp to prevent tripping. In the interior space between the two sections, laminated flooring is placed.

Installation does not require any type of construction work. Assembly is simple and makes it easy for possible location changes.

The base element (minimum configuration) consists of a simple fixed module,
a double mobile module and a simple closing module; the set can be extended by incorporating extra double mobile modules.



Each set of cabinets incorporates a locking system that allows for general lock-down, preventing the entry of light and dust.

The compact archive units are available in different exterior finishes in order to facilitate their integration into different environments. Vinyl, one of the options, allows for the incorporation of images or company logos.